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Trout Worms : Bubble Gum/Orange.

Trout Worms : Bubble Gum/Orange.

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Trout Worms: Bubble Gum/Orange

    • Cleardrift's trout worms are made with semi-buoyant plastic that is perfect to fish under a float or wacky style rig system. 
    • Cleardrift's soft plastic baits are non-scented. 
    • Do you want scent on your baits? We recommend these scents! 

        •  - (Shrimp/Krill Oil.)

        • - (Anise Oil.)

Sizes available:

2.5" - 12 worms per pack.

3" - 10 worms per pack.

How To Set Up Trout Worms For Drift Fishing!

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