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Soft Beads : Fuzzy Peach (Dead Egg)

Soft Beads : Fuzzy Peach (Dead Egg)

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CD Stops

Fuzzy Peach by Cleardrift is ingeniously designed to replicate the appearance and drift of a solitary dead egg, dislodged from its gravel bed, floating downstream. This lifelike imitation capitalizes on the natural feeding behaviours of target fish, such as trout and salmon. The bead becomes an irresistible lure, enhancing the realism of your setup and significantly increasing your chances of a successful catch.

This colour combination is a popular colour used in New Zealand Canals!  drifting these soft beads downstream is a common sight in New Zealand's canals!


    • Comes with one set of our CD soft bead stops! 
    • Cleardrift recommends fishing these soft beads above and even over bobber stopper (used as a peg).  Also, you can fish the soft beads on the shank of the hook. 
    • Cleardrift's soft plastics are non-scented
    • Do you want scent on your baits? We recommend these scents! 



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