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Glow Soft Beads: Fuzzy Peach

Glow Soft Beads: Fuzzy Peach

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Glow Soft Beads: Peach


How to activate the glow:

Simply use a UV flashlight or phone flashlight to charge the beads for a few seconds. Once charged, the beads will emit a long-lasting glow that will attract fish from far and wide.

    • Comes with one set of our CD soft bead stops! 
    • Longest lasting glow soft beads on the market today!
    • Use a U.V. or cell phone light to charge up the soft beads before you cast the soft beads out!
    • Cleardrift recommends fishing these soft beads above and even over bobber stopper ( used as a peg).  Also, you can fish the soft beads on the shank of the hook.
    • Cleardrift's soft beads are non-scented.




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