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Glazed Soft Beads : Shrimp Pink

Glazed Soft Beads : Shrimp Pink

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Glazed Soft Beads: Shrimp Pink.

The Glazed Shrimp Soft Beads from ClearDrift Fishing are the perfect choice for anglers looking for a low-visibility colour. These soft beads are glazed with a unique pink hue that will blend in with the natural environment, making them ideal for float and drift fishing. The Glazed Shrimp Soft Beads are a great choice for any angler looking to increase their catch rate.

    • Cleardrift recommends fishing these soft beads above and even over bobber stopper ( used as a peg).  Also, you can fish the soft beads on the shank of the hook.
    • Cleardrift's soft plastics are non-scented
    • Do you want scent on your baits? We recommend these scents! 

        •  - (Salmon Egg Oil.)

        • (Anise Oil.)


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