New Realistic Embryo Soft Beads by Cleardirft Tackle 2024

Cleardrift’s New Embryo Soft Beads: The Ultimate Realistic Soft Beads for Any Anglers

At Cleardrift Tackle, we’re excited to introduce our latest innovation: the upgraded Embryo Soft Beads. These beads are a game-changer for anglers who demand top-notch performance. Let’s dive into what makes them stand out:

1. Realistic Appearance

Our new soft beads mimic the texture and color of natural fish eggs with remarkable accuracy. Whether you’re targeting steelhead or salmon these beads will fool even the most discerning fish.

2. Variety of Sizes and Colors

Matching the hatch is crucial, and our Embryo Soft Beads come in an array of sizes and colors. Whether you’re replicating fresh roe, milt, or other egg stages, we’ve got you covered.

Double Natural Soft Beads (Natural Orange with Orange Dot)
Salmon Roe Soft Beads

3. Versatility

Use these beads for drift fishing, float fishing, or jigging. Their buoyant material ensures a lifelike presentation, enticing fish to strike.

4. Durability

Unlike traditional bait, our soft beads can be reused multiple times without losing effectiveness. Say goodbye to constantly restocking your tackle box—these beads are built to last.

In summary, Cleardrift’s Enhanced Embryo Soft Beads combine realism, versatility, and durability. Upgrade your fishing game with these innovative beads!

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