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  • Embryo Soft Bead Kits


    oft Bead Kits: Comes with our Clear Bobber Stoppers to make the beads look more stealth than using our black Bobber Stoppers!

    UV coloring has been added to the eggs to bring out the bright color.

    Sizes available: #2 - (8mm dia.), #3 - (10mm dia.) #4 - (12mm dia.) and #5 - (14mm dia.)

     #2 - (8mm dia.) 30 per pack!

     #3 - (10mm dia.) 24 per pack! 

    #4 - (12mm dia.) 20 per pack! 

    #5 - (14mm dia.) 12 per pack! 

    Colors available: 

    Natural Orange with Red Dot.

    Natural Orange with Orange Dot.

    Cherry Red with Black Dot.

    Yellow Mustard with Red Dot.

    Yellow Mustard with Orange Dot.

    Yellow Mustard with Black Dot. 

    Candy Apple with Orange Dot.

    Candy Apple with Red Dot.

    Candy Apple with White Dot. 

    Chartreuse with Orange Dot. 

    Chartreuse with Red Dot. 

    Chartreuse with Black Dot. 

    How To: Rig Soft Beads With Clear Bobber Stoppers For Trout/Steelhead!