Stinger Blades for Summer Salmon 2023.

These blades are sleek and designed to create the perfect spin on your lure - making them irresistible to fish.

To properly use the Stinger Blades, you'll need to attach them to your fishing line. You can do this using a snap swivel or tying the blades directly to your line with a Palomar knot. Once your blade is connected, it's time to start fishing!

Experts suggest using the Stinger Blades in fast-moving river currents, especially if you're targeting steelhead or salmon. The blades are efficient in creating a vibration effect that mimics the movement of live prey, attracting hungry fish in the vicinity. In this sense, it's essential to choose the right action rod to handle the vibration from the spinning blade.

Here is a good video made by our friend HolyMolyOutdoors:

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