How To Use Egg Tails for Steelhead!

Egg tails for Steelhead
Choose the Right Hook: The success of fishing with floating egg tails hinges on using an appropriate hook. This is typically done with a slip sinker rig. A small hook, such as a size 10 or 12, is recommended.
Prepare the Bait: To rig the bait, thread the hook through the soft bead and poke it out of the soft bead or you can thread the hook through the worm part. This combines the two into a egg tail configuration.
Use as Floating Bait: Egg tails are buoyant, making them ideal for use as floating bait. They can be adjusted to float closer to or farther from the bottom.
Set the Distance: It’s recommended to use 18 inches of leader so that the egg tail floats 18 inches from the bottom of the lake or river being fished. If 18 inches doesn’t work, you can shorten the leader to 12 inches or even as short as 8 inches.
Check Your Rig: On your first cast, cast it close to you where you can see it. This allows you to check if your rig floats.
Retrieve Slowly and Steadily: When retrieving your egg tail, use a slow and steady motion. This can help attract fish to your bait.
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